HyperSpin RomManager 1.1c win32

Get the new feature updated 1.1c version of Hypersin RomManager. Some of the community members requested new features to make this little app even more complete, these features are implemented into version 1.1c now.

Better User Interface handling

When browsing through the game list on the left side, you can have the file with the best match automatically selected on the right side.

This is now always done when the file list is sorted by the match column.

You can achieve this with the "Automatically scroll to best match" option checked when the list is unsorted or sorted by name.

Significant less chance of false-positive matches

After a scan, every false-positive match always had to be corrected by hand and this is more cumbersome the less files you have than expected by the database.

The chance for false-positive matches is significantly lowered with the option "Only keep best match", which, after the scan, checks for each file which game is the best match for it and removes every other match (potential false-positives).

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To run HyperSpin RomManager the .Net Framework 4.0 needs to be installed, get it here: http://tinyurl.com/netfx40

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