J2K - A Joystick to Keyboard Mapper 1.1

There are already very feature-rich joystick to keyboard mappers out there, be it JoyToKey or XPadder. However, both are not Freeware and both lack the possibility to easily switch configurations from outside the applications, which would be necessary if you use game front-ends like HyperSpin. This is where J2K has it's strengths.

With this release J2K is complete for my personal use. Any upcoming version will contain requested features from the users and bugfixes if necessary.

Version 1.1 has increased stability regarding disconnection and reconnection of joysticks.


Main Menu: Create configurations here

Edit Window: Edit the joystick to key mapping here

- Supports up to 32 joysticks / game pads (Buttons, POVs and Analog directions)
- Allows very quick setup of mappings
- Tell J2K which config to use by launching "J2K.exe CONFIGNAME", particularly launch "J2K.exe Empty" to suspend J2K from mapping anything.

click here!

Read the readme.txt for details.

In order to use J2K, you need to have .Net Framework 3.5 and Managed DirectX Runtime installed. The Setup for Managed DirectX Runtime is included in the J2K download, .Net Framework 3.5 is already included in Windows 7.


Thank you for sharing your program with us. One feature that I wished your program (and the others that you mentioned) would support is auto-repeat after a configurable time delay - Further, the auto-repeat rate can be controllable by the analog sticks and/or the L/R analog triggers. For certain applications, this feature would be awesome!

Thanks for your suggestion Hayden, I'll put it on my todo list. If you can name at least 3 applications for that feature, it will rank higher in that list hehe :D

Very very cool program, works very fine.

Can yo do for the next version implenent the function for map a key with 2 buttons combined from the joystick?


Joy 1 button 1 + Joy 1 button 2 = ESCAPE


thanks a lot

How to get the mouse cursor move?

There is currently no functionality to move the mouse or do mouse button presses in J2K, I'll consider implementing this, still didn't find good use for this, as there are cordless mouses around since ages which fits better than gamepad/joystick mouse mapping.

Love it!Awesome


1st of all: it's totally awesome that you share your work like that!
i want to try and use J2K for games, and am missing a few bits:
1. it doesn't recognize 'axis 2' (which is the clutch pedal on my thrustmaster GT wheel & pedals)
2. if you can add a threshold for continuous press , like: axis XX value bigger or smaller than threshold = continuous press on key YY
thanks a lot! and keep up the great work!

it's also ok if you ignore my request completely. you are still a great person.

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